Yep, that’s another named storm played through this year, even though today is 25 August 2020!

We’re still on British summer time! Really? Didn’t feel like summer today.

Played through Storm Francis this morning and that was on a par with some of the worst weather I’ve played through during this challenge.

That makes 4 named storms that I’ve played through – Ciara, Dennis, Jorge and Francis – and I only lost one day to them. Covid-19 did far more damage, but we’re still batting on.

This one was unique though, it being a little warmer at this time of the year.

I was playing in shorts, having learned over the last 279 days that legs dry off faster than trousers, when I looked down on the 14th tee to see my knees foaming.

I knew that this couldn’t be a new C-19 symptom but for a moment was nonplussed as the rain dripped down the back of my neck and my shoes squelched whilst I leaned over to inspect.

Then I realised.

There must have been some detergent still left in the fabric from the last wash.

Good way to keep the knees clean.


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