200 UP!

Today I have reached 200 full rounds played in this challenge, a new milestone.

Thank you David Joy and Michael Forster at Headingley Golf Club for playing with me this morning and thereby sharing this milestone.

I’ve been doing this for 203 days now and despite losing 49 days in the Covid-19 lockdown, I am nearly back to parity (which merely 😱 means only having to play once a day).

At the end of today I should only need to play twice in a day two more times to get back to parity and I am aiming to achieve this by this Friday.

I’ve played 2 rounds a day now for the last 30 days!

That’s 60 rounds in a month and by the time Friday comes I should have played 2 rounds a day for 32 days or 64 rounds.

It’s been a challenge within a challenge to do that, I can tell you.

In the hot weather I developed blisters upon blisters and lost my swing as I couldn’t get through the ball.

Then it was memories of winter as a weekend of rain and wind knocked the scores and split my fingers.

But it’s also been great because following the easing of the lockdown we’ve generally had good weather and, more importantly, I’ve played with so many different members, all who have been great to play with. I’ve also had so much encouragement on the course it has made it easier to contend with the challenge of doing so.

Not to mention the support from my amazing Tash (wife) and Seb (son).

I’d try to list all my playing companions but I don’t want to offend anyone by inadvertently leaving them off so for now I’ll leave it as ‘you know who you are’ and it has been my absolute pleasure to play with you. Thank you.

I must also mention the support I’ve had from the club and particularly from Jon Hall, dealing with many booking requests outside the BRS system.

Thank you.

Onwards and upwards.


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