Thank You Go-Kart Electric Golf

Yesterday I received a v2 Go-Kart Electric Golf trolley (automatic) from Go-Kart, as their way of showing support and the first impressions are good.

It also got put through its paces today on its first outing with me, as I played through almost all seasons of weather in one round.  It started calm and, well, maybe not sunny, but at least not like the zombie apocalypse type weather we’ve had recently.  Then, guess what, the wind got up as did the rain, followed by snow and then sleet.

The snow/sleet hasn’t come out on this shot but it was there, honest.

Compared to my v1 automatic it is more robust, the battery is smaller and easier to fit and there are lots of improved design features, like led lights on the battery and the fact that it can stand assembled without the battery.

Go-Kart have said to view them as a support team and hopefully I won’t need to be calling on them.


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